Latest Permanent Hair Straightening Cream No.1 & No.2


Arganmidas Professional Permanent Hair Straightening Cream is a very powerful straightening system that gives the most dramatic results for hair straightening. When this hair straightening cream is applied, it penetrates the hair and changes its structure. It seeps to the inner layer of the hair shaft that provides the strength, elasticity, and shape for straightened hair. The use of deep conditioning and detangling products is recommended to smoothen out the hair and prevent damage to the hair cuticle.



  • Shampoo the hair and then blow it to dry.

  • Spread Softening Cream(No.1) onto hair 1-2cm away from the scalp. Then brush the cream on different small sections of the hair and comb out with No.1.

  • Check the soften effect. Every shaft stretched out 1-2 times longer and if it was rolled on the finger without a rebound. (For hair end,2minutes is enough.).The attention that the processing time is different from different hair types.

  • Rinse and blow dry hair when softened enough. Apply some hair conditioner in case of dry hair. Please blow the hair to 100% dry enough. If too much moisture is left in the hair, the heat of the iron will generate steam, which might irritate the skin.

  • Use flat iron, adjust the temperature accordingly to hair texture 180°C for normal hair. Starting from the neck, take 1/8″ sections no longer than the length of the iron in 90 degrees. Starting near the root area, treat 1/3 of the hair shaft, press, slide, and repeat 2 times to a total of 2 seconds per shaft. Then go to the next section and repeat this to the hair ends.

  • When the iron operation is finished, gently comb hair as smooth and straight as possible with a wide-tooth comb and apply the Neutralizer (NO.2) to the hair evenly. Rinse after 5 minutes.

Important Note: This instruction is for basic perm knowledge, and is major based on Asia hair construction. Due to the different hairstyles, hair construction, and the environments, every hairstylist should check what’s the most workable way of proceeding our Perm products to have the most beautiful and fashionable hairstyles.




Permanent Hair Straightening

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