Arganmidas Hot Energy Perm

  • a high quality powerful & Permenent hair Curling / perming lotion.
  • will be a new experience to all hairdressers who loves Hot Roller Wave Styles out there.


Permanent Hair Curling

SKU: 0018
  • Professional Salon Use for Curling Hair No.1 & No.2
    Delivers neutral, true to the rod wave style1000ml×2 e/34.0fl.oz

    This unique Arganmidas Hot Energy Perm system is formulated with the latest technology which delivers neutral, true to rod wave style.

    It protects and improves the integrity of the hair structure during the heatwave process.

    The cysteine acids, help to give elastic curl and long-lasting conditions. Even on heavily processed hair types.

    Arganmidas Hot Energy Perm contains unique ingredients to maintain and even improve the condition with increased bounce and shine.